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230 Fenway
Boston, MA, 02115
United States

Susan Bazett is an abstract contemporary Boston artist located in Newton, MA, showing galleries of oil painting, ink on vellum, and wood block prints.

A Photograph of Dying Whales

A Photograph Dying Of Whales, a poem by the Boston artist and poet Susan Bazett.


A Photograph Dying Of Whales


The tide stalled in its wet retreat.

A few figures held at a distance,

who must realize the upturned boats

are whales.

What kindness brought them there?

We cannot save them they belong

to the water they wish they had not left.

The next day begins to plan itself.

The sea takes and takes.

Grey dulls.

Gulls please their tongues.

Nothing is lost.

In time we will take home

sea-cleaned bones.

The photographer had trouble

walking upon that sand

who took the first light

of remembered day.