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230 Fenway
Boston, MA, 02115
United States

Susan Bazett is an abstract contemporary Boston artist located in Newton, MA, showing galleries of oil painting, ink on vellum, and wood block prints.


Nothing Will Be Settled By This


Up In Heaven Mother has arrived

at the Y for her morning swim.


A bathing cap clings to her

scalp-colored. She shuffles down

the stone steps till her black

regulation suit absorbs its fill.


Pushes off into breaststroke.

Slow, slowly moving through

the chemically treated blue to avoid

the growth of bacteria.


She would enjoy the water but cannot

recall the feeling. She knows that these things

had names like fluid, flux or pool.

She doesn’t need to understand them anymore.


Deftly, she rolls over onto her back and her feet

pop up, those horrors with their tracks where the

scalpels and needles tried to make her walk.

But this is heaven so even her feet are beautiful

and she can dance.