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230 Fenway
Boston, MA, 02115
United States

Susan Bazett is an abstract contemporary Boston artist located in Newton, MA, showing galleries of oil painting, ink on vellum, and wood block prints.

Restoring Balance

Restoring Balance, a poem by Susan Bazett. Susan is a Boston area poet and abstract contemporary artist.


Restoring Balance


Now I am a woman I row alone.

Oars dip into circles and love expands.

The Yen is loosing value even here.

My love competes for the space left in this small boat.

We all want to gain in the end.

I admire the perfect rest of a spoon.

When I came as a worm I was eaten by worms.

When I came as a cow I was sacred.

When I came as laughter I rolled around on the floor.

 My daughters on their shoreline wave and smile

as I pass them by. They release their teenage perfume.

A blink of stomach above blue jeans.