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230 Fenway
Boston, MA, 02115
United States

Susan Bazett is an abstract contemporary Boston artist located in Newton, MA, showing galleries of oil painting, ink on vellum, and wood block prints.

The Boy Who Loved Fire

Poem by Susan Bazett of Newton, MA: The Boy Who Loved Fire.


The Boy Who Loved Fire


I put down the burden of you

little brother at the back door.

As our father had before put down

the burden of his love and all that waste.

Everyone was gone, at ten I was left in charge.

I thought liquid could not burn.

Watched by our bungalow as your

six year old hands found gasoline noticed

how it could be uncapped and poured like water

into a steel drum.

You unzipped the joy of a struck match

flowered the air and dropped it in.

No flame appeared.

You bent over the steel rim

opened the cocoon of your red love.